Future Writers Conference of Dallas — And Online Conferences Happening Now

Our past Writers Conference of Dallas events were successes — thank you to all who attended! The WCOD conference has happened multiple times before, and we at Writing Day Workshops have loved connecting writers and literary agents, and seeing so many success stories from our events.

We are not certain exactly when the next WCOD will happen (and whether it will be online vs, in person). That said, if you’d like to attend a writers conference before then, we have online events coming up in 2022-2023 to keep everyone safe. Please note that even though the events below are for different cities around the country, since these events are online, anyone can attend from anywhere. Each event has 30-40 attending literary agents! Details:

If you have questions, or want to register for any 2022-2023 writers conferences, either online events or in-person events, contact us (Brian Klems) at WDWconference@gmail.com and we are happy to assist. Just let us know which event(s) you want to register for. For online events, you can attend from anywhere since the events are virtual. Writers can sign up for more than one event. If you and several people from your writing group all want to register together, ask us about a group discount.

All classes are recorded and sent out to attendees afterward, so you can study the instruction and enjoy the experience. All pitches are one-on-one with literary agents seeking writers, and done over Zoom (though phone is also an option). Thanks, all, and we hope to see you in 2022-2023 at an event!


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